Encapsulated in our mission is the inspirational quotation by the 19th Century Orator, Attorney, and Politician Robert G Ingersoll...

we rise by lifting others” 

WRBLO Community Interest Company is a non-profit set up to support deprived communities in emerging economies. We are able to generate significant revenues from claims management innovation designed to significantly reduce the operating costs of insurers, by maximizing their efficiency and productivity. We leverage their dependence on the power of this innovation to compel participating insurance markets to become dynamic integral social investors, by contributing sustainable funding into deprived communities.

People who may be living on or under $2 a day greatly benefit from the structured focus of this funding that is targeted to:

·         Disrupt poverty
·         Facilitate general healthcare
·         Support community upgrading
·         Supporting community cohesion
·         Facilitate financial inclusion
·         Sustain local farming

·         Sustain business enterprise 

We work closely with local informed and trusted stakeholders who have a proven record of accomplishment in the provision and delivery of effective and sustainable programs that meet these aforementioned funding objectives, strengthening cohesion and infrastructure within communities enabling an environment of sustained economic growth.

WRBLO ensures that insurers embrace corporate responsibility (CSR) and directs the revenues that are to be generated into the heart of communities. We place financial inclusion at the heart of our strategy and we plan to repeat this model globally throughout emerging world markets.