Creating and delivering a dynamic financially inclusive future for all

WRBLO Community Interest Company is a non-profit organisation set up to support deprived communities in emerging economies, through a unique partnership with commercial insurance companies. Adopting the principals of dynamic integral social investment as its inspiration, WRBLO seeks to encourage insurers to embrace a mindset of ‘specialised corporate social responsibility’ (SCSR) placing national pride, social capital and community development on a par with financial success.

Our programme facilitates financial inclusion and social development for Ugandan citizens who live on less than $2 a day, enabling them to escape poverty and build sustainable futures, through a unique strategy that provides better access to insurance and the revival of national grassroots economic growth. 

We believe that Insurers are pivotal to ending abject poverty and it is our determination that the Ugandan insurance market is an excellent proposition for the pilot of our programme that procures sustained funding from insurers; for beneficiary projects and services being delivered in deprived communities, producing insurers’ sustainable business dividends of insurance penetration and good public relations. 


“We rise by lifting others” 

Robert G Ingersoll 19th Century Orator, Attorney, and Politician