Delivering 'Sustainability' for societal change in Africa

Yes ... together we can!

We are often confronted with heartbreaking stories, despairing images and acutely disturbing videos and depressing statistics that underscore the grave extent to which poverty persists and so it comes as no surprise that 54% of the populations of Uganda Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and Ghana, are numbered within the world’s poorest 20% of people even though these countries like many others, are beneficiaries of Foreign Aid.

The Way to transform Deprived communities is for their futures to be sustainably improved. 

WRBLO is an intermediary funding organisation that supports unsung NGO’s and Charities who implement and deliver vital projects and services that are necessitated by the specific needs of the communities they serve. We generate funding by engaging Public and Corporate goodwill that we make available in respect of projects and services that contribute to sustainable economic growth generated from the grassroots.

Do you empathise and want to make a difference?  Choose your preference and Get Involved!

We carefully invite applications for grant-funding from organisations whose proposals can be ascertained as innovative solutions to facilitate financial inclusion and social development, enabling communities to build sustainable futures, free of bureaucratic or political interference and the nefarious forces of corruption, fraud or financial mismanagement.

“we rise by lifting others” 

Robert G Ingersoll 19th Century Orator, Attorney, and Politician