A Non-Profit delivering positive impact for societal change in Africa

WRBLO is an intermediary organisation that holistically supports small charities and NGO’s ensconced in Deprived Communities within Developing Countries, who are implementing and delivering vital projects and services for the public benefit necessitated by the specific needs of the communities they serve.

Through the spectrum of participation with our Specialised Social Responsibility Programme (SSR), we will harness the goodwill of a new collective of integral, dynamic social investors that places social capital and community development on a par with their financial success and with whom we will be delighted to collaborate to deliver sustainable social change, that builds economic growth from the grassroots. 

SSR facilitates financial inclusion and social development for those who are resigned to live in poverty, enabling them to build sustainable futures, through a unique strategy that provides the revival of grassroots economic growth through designated dynamic integral social investment. We will ensure, assure and guarantee that the entire package of SSR resources is delivered directly into ‘poverty ground zero’, free of bureaucratic or political interference and the nefarious forces of corruption, fraud or financial mismanagement.

“We rise by lifting others” 

Robert G Ingersoll 19th Century Orator, Attorney, and Politician