Insurers. The unanticipated solution to end abject poverty in developing countries

We are appealing to insurers and insurance industry service providers that are committed to making a real difference in developing countries beginning in Uganda. The programme will generate business operating costs savings of 3 Billion Ugandan Shillings UGX (about £6.6 Million) per annum in the Uganda Insurance market and in order to begin operations, we need financial assistance.  Our aim is to agree terms with insurers to donate 10% to WRBLO to comprehensively disrupt poverty in deprived communities in developing countries beginning in Uganda.

This exciting venture will deliver sustained economic growth through the unique perspective of our bespoke and transparent social enterprise through which you will find to be a fulfilling and rewarding experience of the desire to be good global citizens that are intent and determined to make a huge difference in deprived communities.

We all stand to benefit by lifting others and doing all the good, we can.

Insurance is a vital component of society and especially those that are vulnerable, who need the benefits of insurance the most. With your help, insurers will become dynamic integral social investors and you will have become a driver of another innovation of tangible social change, so please make a commitment now, whether you are a philanthropic individual or a corporation, you can make a tremendous difference in partnership with us.