Insurers. The unanticipated solution to end abject poverty in developing countries


Advocates For International Development (A4ID)

WRBLO is a proud A4ID development partner.

A4ID is at the centre of a network of legal partners that include the world’s top law firms and many of the leading independent firms across a wide range of jurisdictions. A4ID also partner with in-house teams at large corporates, as well as individual barristers or chambers.

A4ID is assisting us to receive the legal advice we require to advance UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

WRBLO has been set up to procure innovative insurer provisioned funding to financially support a very wide range of charitable projects, focused on relieving poverty in deprived communities, beginning in Uganda East Africa.

WRBLO will enter into collaboration with various insurers to raise money through these partnerships to carry out our mission to eradicate poverty. Our fundraising concept is unique and as such, we especially need to be legally compliant in multiple jurisdictions.

A4ID recognises that WRBLO advances the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), predominantly SDG 17 (partnerships for the goals) with a particular focus on Goal 17.3, to mobilise additional financial resources for developing countries from multiple sources. In addition, WRBLO advances SDG 1 (no poverty).

This A4ID facilitation of pro bono legal advice will save huge sums that enable us to focus our limited resources on the initial phase of the mission, which is to raise the start-up funding so we can progress our determined goal of eradicating poverty.