Insurers. The unanticipated solution to end abject poverty in developing countries


Uganda Networks is a non-political, non-denominational organisation, developed as a result of collaboration between the various UK registered charities working in Uganda. As one of the 194 of its members, our expertise and focus compliments the vast variety of charitable work in sustainable development that others organisations are consistent in accomplishing.

Through a separate for-profit start-up, Indemnity Innovation Group International (IIGI),  WRBLO intends to generate significant revenues from the savings generated by IIGI’s exclusive fraud prevention and claims management innovation operated as software as a service and designed to significantly reduce the operating costs of insurers, by reducing fraudulent activity and maximising their efficiency and productivity. Due to the significant reductions in insurance fraud and the efficiency and costs savings that will be realised, insurers will be required to ring-fence and pay forward 10% of these cumulative savings to invest into WRBLO who would organically disperse these funds through charities who actively engage in projects that are actively engaged in sustainable development in deprived communities.

We plan to disperse this funding through the network, partnering with selected member organisations who are actively engaged in sustainable development in Uganda to deliver our jointly agreed objectives in an effective and efficient manner with full oversight, with no duplication of effort and benefitting from economies of scale.