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Indemnity Innovation Group International (IIGI) provides advanced fraud prevention innovation and digital business solutions to the insurance industry. Their services provide holistic protection against insurance fraud through their own bespoke AI Platform known as Claimant Profiling Service (CPS™).

(CPS™) uses derived variables to assess active instances of fraud with the participation of the insurance market within which it is deployed. CPS™ is a scalable innovation that algorithmically identifies and measures instances of fraud or abuse present within any insurance proposal or claims process. CPS™ intelligently considers the submissions of insurance proposals and claims, submitted day by day to CPS™ by Insurers provide who make these submissions in the form of searches through multiple feeds. CPS™ then analyzes the submitted data through programmed definitions and processes outputs and derives variables, creating valuable market intelligence that provides critical information and scoring in relation to the likelihood of past or current instances of fraud.

CPS™ serves to significantly reduce insurers’ claims and management costs, provides real-time market intelligence to Insurance Regulators, and facilitates additional services provided by IIGI such as vehicle accident management, vehicle repair management, and medical claims management – through their segmented platforms that work together as a holistic suite of services.

WRBLO would like to pay tribute to IIGI and their team, Martyn, Barrie, Cathy, Julita and Howard who have worked consistently over the last three years to develop CPS™ into the innovative phenomenon it is today.

We would like to additionally thank Martyn for all the work he has put into assisting us with our technical development here at WRBLO, he has been a source of unwavering assistance.

Thank you Martyn and all the team at IIGI.