Innovating to shape a financially inclusive future

iigi-cps-cropped.jpgIndemnity Innovation Group International (IIGI) provides advanced claims management solutions for the insurance industry in developing economies wholly focused on reducing business operating costs for insurers. Through the application of Claimant Profiling Service (CPS®), IIGI’s holistic claims management platform in emerging economies; their vision is to revolutionise these insurance markets to enable and deliver business growth and financial inclusivity – together.

Following an extensive programme of research to investigate the performance of the Ugandan insurance market, IIGI developed CPS®, to address the complex issues that have caused business costs in the Ugandan insurance industry to spiral, hampering growth. CPS® protects insurers against fraudulent claims, controlling operating costs while increasing efficiency and productivity.

IIGI have developed their business strategy to inspire a revolution in the insurance industry infusing values of integrity, transparency and professionalism throughout the sector and replacing outdated operating methods with innovative solutions, aimed at providing economic growth and financial inclusivity.

CPS® is a specialist algorithmic micromanagement tool within a sophisticated search engine. The platform is a robust, secure and scalable defence mechanism designed to protect insurance markets against fraud whilst it functions to significantly reduce operating costs by substantially increasing business efficiency and productivity.

In alliance with IIGI, WRBLO will be able to facilitate the subscription to the holistic CPS® AI risk management platform as an exclusive opportunity to insurers who partner in collaboration with the WRBLO programme. CPS® will revolutionise insurance markets in developing countries.