Insurers. The unanticipated solution to end abject poverty in developing countries

Corporate and Promotional Video Production

Take One TV is an integral partner and key to our considered marketing and communications strategy and utilising their specialist services, WRBLO will attract the attention and interest from insurers, regulators, and professionals through our media messages designed to transform the current public distrust of insurers that operate in developing countries into a PR bonanza of public adulation. 

Take One TV have demonstrated their unique ability to profile our unrivalled message that highlights the benefits of our community interests and the positive effects on insurance markets, policyholders and consumers that is set to revive sustained economic growth, by building insurers’ integral dynamic investment relationships in deprived communities. We shall begin in Uganda, but our concept is adaptable, scalable, and able to be deployed in developing countries globally.

The Managing Director of Take One TV is Karen Pawlowska and we are amazed by the professional video communications assistance, advice, and encouragement and generous support we have received from her and her team that has provided an excellent foundation for a treasured and ongoing business relationship.

Thank you Karen, Steve and all your team at Take One TV Video Communications  for your generous spirit and we look forward to doing much more with you to procure the funding that we seek to financially support charitable projects that are focused on relieving poverty in deprived communities in developing countries globally.

Your exceptional capabilities will assist us to disrupt poverty, facilitate general healthcare, support community upgrading and cohesion, facilitate financial inclusion, and support local enterprise and economic growth in deprived communities through our program that you have been instrumental in presenting.

We are confident that our partnership will drive insurance participation in deprives communities as a route to sustained economic growth.

Thank you all so much.